I'm Anna. Nice to meet you.

I’m a Bay Area-based product designer creating all sorts of experiences at Fulldive. After fluctuating between clinical psychology and visual design, I found my happy medium in UX. I'm a generalist and love working on a wide range of platforms and problems.

Outside of work, you can find me biking around Oakland or hanging out in cafes.

Fun Facts


I'm a completely self-taught designer.

Everything I know about design has been through online resources or learned on the job.


I'm obsessed with audiobooks and podcasts.

Current topics I love include biographies, money, and true crime.


I'm from a small city in Massachusetts.

Despite over a decade in California, I still can't kick the habit of saying "idear".

Let's Make Something Great

Working on a project related to finances, health, or education? I can help you with your product design needs. Let's talk.